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We are always on top as far as our presentations, service, and quality due to constant team travels, trainings, seminars, and conferences. The entire team is under 35 providing the newest and most innovative techniques and presentations that very few have experienced and only seen on TV. The entire team is passionate about what we are doing and we all have the same goal to be the best and to provide an experience like no one else can. Chef Brian Aaron’s entire team has fun doing what they each do best, keeping professionalism at point, making our team environment like a family. This in turn makes our product elite and untouchable to competitors. Our ability to put a unique twist to favorite dishes by changing forms, temperatures, textures, shapes and sizes makes what we do, an ultimate sensory experience.


Chef Brian Aaron

Expression from the chef!

Most of people's happiest moments are around the kitchen table. Every house get together, birthday, gathering most of us are always spending most of our time in the kitchen picking at the food. Most businesses are closed thru a breakfast, lunch or dinner. As chefs we have been blessed not to do what we do but to bring people together. You take food out of any event and it will never be the same. Over the years, I have realized that we as chefs can inspire to change the world to become a happier place thru our creations and creativity with food. I am obsessed with what I do and can't possibly see my life doing anything else!

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AARON’S CATERING focuses on elegant, international cuisine with an unparalleled level of service. Let the high experience of our cuisine and the attentiveness of our professional staffreward you with memories to last a lifetime. We are honored to help plan this perfect event from locating the venue to planning the menu.

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