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Aaron’s Catering is a food driven, farm to table, catering company for over 12 years providing innovative and out of the box presentations with a twist. We focus on setting the trends by using innovation, tight relationships with local farmers, technology, culinary alliances and being heavily involved with the industry.

Chef Brian Aaron brings food, art and science together to create an unbelievable experience along with an impeccable service, out of the box presentations and eye-candy staff.

From an event for 2 for the King of Spain to 40,000 meals, contact us for your next event and we will tailor it to your vision and surpass all your expectations. We look forward to working with you. Thank you for choosing AARON’S CATERING by Chef Brian Aaron.

What we believe

Every recipe tells a story…
We believe in farm to table
We believe in telling our story
We believe in thinking differently
We believe in changing the catering industry
We believe in using the freshest ingredients and growing it with local vendors
We believe in providing an experience

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Chef Brian Aaron


Creator and visionary of the sough-after successful catering company, AARON’S CATERING, Brian Aaron has been named ¨The People Who Make Miami” by Ocean Drive, “The Top 20 Industry Leaders Under 40” and named as the “The 68 Most Innovative People in the US”. Chef Brian Aaron is a Miami native and Colombian by blood. He is known to be an innovator, creator, perfectionist and is extremely obsessed with this industry and the perfect balanced meal.

With only 11 years in the industry, he has spear headed and consulted to open over 20 restaurants, mixology programs, food trucks and food & beverage operations along with his new mixology bar, “Huerta” in Bogota, Colombia.

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Our Farm

Chef Brian Aaron has been working on this project with local growers to be able to source exclusively from his very own farm. “We believe in growing it ourselves. Being able to do this will change the way we eat and provide a new culinary experience to all our clients”. Chef Brian Aaron grows everything using sustainable products for all his dishes. “There is something about growing your own food. Putting the seed in the ground, nurturing it, seeing it grow and pulling it to make that dish is what turns us on”.

–Chef Brian Aaron


  • of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance
  • of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable method


We believe that all events ought to be glorious and planned to perfection. Every detail must reflect the importance of this day. We are honored to help plan this perfect event from locating the venue to planning the menu. We focus on corporate, weddings and social events.

AARON’S CATERING focuses on elegant, international cuisine with an unparalleled level of service. Let the high experience of our cuisine and the attentiveness of our professional staff reward you with memories to last a lifetime.

“Most of peoples happiest moments are around the dinner table. Most businesses are done over breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Food has a psychological happiness to it that is special. Food or an event should have that same feeling. Why should catered food not taste good or look good? Our philosophy from day 1, has been to provide a five star restaurant at your venue of choice. We are taking catered food to the next level”

-Chef Brian Aaron

We are routinely recommended by the finest in the business, and enjoy working with others of the same high quality. It is our goal to put you in the most competent, professional hands allowing you to relax and enjoy the perfect event.


(the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks)

“From botanist to cocktail”… With the same philosophy and belief of using the freshest ingredients, our mixologist work with our network of farmers to physically get the best ingredients from the direct farms.
From a profound respect for the classics to the adventure of unique flavor combinations to our nitro-tini’s menu, we are on this constant quest for the new generation of cocktails. We are in this business to please, to serve, to exceed every expectation. We believe that mixology is a craft, innovation, creativity, an art and we are passionate about it. With our concept from “Botanist to Cocktail”, we believe in local, we believe in growing it ourselves and we believe in using the freshest ingredients as our top priority. It’s the perfect balance we look for in making that cocktail that will create an experience and tell a story.

Send us a Message

An Aaron’s Catering Client Coordinator will contact you within 24 hours. Our team looks forward to working with you and establishing a long lasting relationship. Have a great day!

AARON’S CATERING by Chef Brian Aaron
Office: (305) 513-4760
Email: info@aaronscatering.com

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